bolivian blanket bag 2016


We are so proud to be part of Uncrate South America with H Project, Holt Renfrew. We have created a special Bolivian Blanket bag to celebrate the beauty of relationships between our countries, cultures and communities. Each bag is created from hand-made, vintage Bolivian fabrics hand chosen from the markets in the the Andean mountains of Bolivian and sewn here in Toronto highlighting the skilled Canadian craftsmanship at home.

Each bag is crafted from a single vintage blanket, poncho or rug as this allows us to upcycle the fabric into a unique, one of a kind piece.

We are pleased to donate $5 from the sale of each bag to a charity that focuses on empowering the lives of women and girls in local communities in South America.

Materials: Vintage Bolivian textiles, cotton lining, leather strap. Dry clean only


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